Ecopsiché – Ecopsychology in Italy

Ecopsiché: An Ecopsychology pioneer in Italy

Ecopsiché – School of Ecopsychology is a leading institution in Italy for training and professional development in Ecopsychology, offering enriching programs for both personal and professional growth since 2004, both in-person and online.

Our School’s Distinguished Background:

  • Offering, since 2004, both personal and professional enrichment courses, in person and online
  • Founded after extensive training in foreign countries with leading Ecopsychology figures
  • Guided by the first Ecopsychology textbook written in Italy
  • Instrumental in establishing the first university course in Ecopsychology, active since 2018, in Valle d’Aosta
  • Operates three training centers: in Lombardy, Sardinia, and Sicily, and several “Lighthouses” throughout Italy and Switzerland
  • Recognized as an IES School by the International Ecopsychology Society, alongside 9 other IES Schools worldwide

Expand Your Horizons with Ecopsychology

In today’s digital age, where screens surround us and urban spaces confine us, Ecopsychology reconnects us to the vastness that our nature-connected species innately craves.

A Journey of Inner Discovery and Connection with the World

Through Ecopsychology, you’ll explore a deeper understanding of yourself, as an individual and as a human being connected to this marvelous Earth.

Theory and Practice for a Complete Transformation

Our program combines theory and practice to awaken in you greater attention and sensitivity towards the external ecosystem (nature) and the internal one (self-knowledge). You’ll learn to navigate life and work transitions with renewed awareness and inner strength.

Unleash Your Potential for the Planet’s Well-being

Ecopsychology will empower you to cultivate your personal growth, relational skills, talents, and potential, putting them at the service of human and earthly communities.

Why Choose Ecopsiché?

  • Unparalleled Experience: Our school is a pioneer in teaching Ecopsychology in Italy.
  • Comprehensive Approach: We offer a program that integrates theory, practice, and hands-on experiences.
  • Team of Experts: Our instructors are qualified professionals passionate about Ecopsychology.
  • Supportive Community: You’ll join a network of individuals who share your values and desire for growth.

Embark on Your Journey towards a More Fulfilling and Meaningful Life with Ecopsiché!



Ecopsiché has been founded and is currently directed by Marcella Danon, a psychologist and journalist who returned to Italy after 10 years of study and life abroad. Her experiences include formative encounters with some of the most renowned figures in emerging worldviews, such as Fritjof Capra and Joanna Macy, as well as further professional development in California, Hawaii, the Netherlands, and Spain. The School was founded in Brianza, northern Italy, in 2004 in collaboration with Bruno Gentili, a physicist and complexity expert.

In addition to its main training center in Brianza with activities in Lecco and Como provinces, Ecopsiché has centers in Sardinia (Oristano, directed by pedagogue Silvia Mongli) and Sicily (Catania, directed by psychotherapist Carmela di Carlo). Ecopsiché is also expanding its reach through a network of ‘Lighthouses’ led by its trained graduates specializing in eco-training, who promote and conduct basic seminars in various Italian and Swiss locations.

Ecopsiché is part of an international Network: it is an “IES School”, accredited by the IES – International Ecopsychology Society.
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Ecopsiché targets individuals who seek to cultivate personal growth while simultaneously developing environmental awareness. The school goes beyond just teaching theoretical principles; it fosters experiential learning through practical applications of Ecopsychology.

Ecopsiché ‘s approach leverages Eco-cooperative Learning, which builds upon cooperative learning. Cooperative learning emphasizes active student participation in group work, promoting individual responsibility and effective utilization of skills. Eco-cooperative Learning adds an experiential dimension and integrates environmental elements into the curriculum.

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Training Proposal

Ecopsiché’s Courses and Paths are designed to awaken the “conscious earthling” within you.

Are you on a journey towards personal growth and a deeper connection with the world? Do you want to leave a positive impact and utilize your skills to help others? If so, Ecopsiché’s courses and paths are for you!

We welcome a diverse audience:

  • Parents and teachers
  • Nature enthusiasts
  • Students undergoing training at university or professional schools
  • Professionals: psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, naturopaths, environmental educators, ecologists, nature guides, environmentalists
  • People seeking personal growth with Nature as their guide

Ecopsychology: A Transformative Journey

By engaging with Ecopsychology, you’ll experience a transformative shift on both personal and professional levels:

  • Personal Growth: expansion of your internal and external horizons, with greater openness, authenticity and relational skills.
  • Professional Development: training in effective communication, creativity and motivation, to prepare you to take action and make a difference.
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Tutors 2024



Programs in the three main training centers

Ecopsiché “Lighthouses”

The Lighthouses are Ecopsiché representatives who have completed training in Ecotuning and Ecoformation and who have followed specific training to be able to conduct the introductory seminars in their Region of residence.

LAZIO – Miriam Lorenzani
TICINO – Alessandra Melucci
AOSTA VALLEY – Stefania Pinna
CAMPANIA – interim Marcella Danon


TUSCANY – Fiamma Baldini



Ecopsiché represents the ES – International Ecopsychology Society in Italy, the reference association for Ecotuner. The Ecopsiché seminars are recognized by the IES Schools and allow the “IES Training” training in Applied Ecopsychology to be completed in other locations as well. The Ecopsiché diploma allows you to register in the professional register of Ecotuner, to appear in the international directory and to participate in the professional updating provided for ecotuner members, included in the membership fee.

Ecopsiché is a Coaching and Training Organization recognized by the British Association for Coaching. By enrolling in Green Coaching training you receive the opportunity to be a member in training of AC for one year and to participate in events (in English) dedicated to the world of Coaching.

All Ecopsiché training activities, even individual courses or seminars, are recognized by AssoCounseling as a professional update for Counselors, valid for the purpose of achieving the credits necessary to renew the professional qualification. IES Training and Green Coaching are specializations and cover the credits for an entire three-year period.


Charter IES per l’Italia

Ecopsiché is IES representative, for Italy, of the International Ecopsychology Society – IES.
The Association was founded in 2005 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with the initial name of “European Ecopsychology Society”, after the meeting between the American ecopsychologist Jorge Conesa Sevilla and the group linked to Marcella Danon and the Italian School of Ecopsychology. With the entry, after a few months, of Teresita Domiguez, a Jungian psychoanalyst from Uruguay, and Kleio Apostolaki, a Gestalt psychotherapist from Greece, the Association began to grow internationally, reaching the current 24 nations represented (United States, Italy , Uruguay, Greece, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Colombia, Belgium, Hungary, Israel, Portugal, Peru, Holland, India, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Venezuela) in 4 continents and to the process of renaming the association, in 2016, to the International Ecopsychology Society and moving the official headquarters to Italian Switzerland, to Chiasso.
Anyone can join the association as supporters and students. Membership is free for two years for students in training. Ecotuners trained in an IES School, by registering, can become part of the first Interactional Register of Applied Ecopsychology professionals.
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It is not easy to explain in a few lines what Ecopsychology is and what the training course consists of. It is more than a cultural enrichment, it is also an experience of greater self-knowledge. It is more than an introduction to a new profession, with a lot of space for initiative and personal creativity, it is a Copernican revolution in the way of looking at oneself and at life, recognizing the depth and complexity of the interconnections that make us all part of a single terrestrial ecosystem, which in turn is part of larger ecosystems. But for now, let’s focus on the planetary level, a level of awareness already challenging enough to integrate into ordinary consciousness…
A word from the participants… in Italian.

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We are a group of pioneers, visionaries with a can-do attitude, each committed to playing our part.
Professionals from diverse fields, we yearn to be part of the dawning of a new spring.
We have been lone primroses blooming in February,  now we are witnessing a profusion of spring flowers!
Join us in this vision, with a more open gaze to the wonder of the experience we are living on this vibrant blue and green planet. Contribute your unique talents – we all have a role to play.

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Ecopsiché – Scuola di Ecopsicologia è la prima realtà italiana interamente dedicata alla divulgazione, insegnamento e applicazione dell’Ecopsicologia. Rappresenta in Italia la IES – International Ecopsychology Society.

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