Clorofillati! Bagno di fioresta ed Ecopsicologia • 11-16 agosto 2018 • Canzo (Co)


August 11th –16th, 2018 – Corni di Canzo (Como), Italy

Practices of exploration of ourselves and of the world to reconnect to our deepest roots, to rise up towards the highest peaks. Ecopsychology is a promoter of self-fulfillment at the service of life, it wants us to discover and use our personal, individual and collective power.

Contact with nature and wildlife helps us to find the connection with the deepest parts, often forgotten, of our being. Contact with our most authentic core, with our soul, allows us to recover a sense of partnership, often forgotten, with the whole Creation.

A 5 days seminar with playful and joyful practices of reconnection with oneself, with others, and with nature. A practical introduction to Ecopsychology

“The Art of EcoTuning”
A practical introduction to EcoPsychology

We will work in the woods, with trees, meadows and sky, in the company of nocturnal animals and the scent of the earth. We will enjoy the starry sky, discover the charm of night walks, we will live toghether and experience where the laws of ecological relatonships will guide us to share those days together.

The seminar is recognized by the International Ecopsychology Society – IES and, then, by all the IES Schools that are part of the international association. It is valid, for two years, as an IES Training module. The entire training path – which allows you to acquire the title of Ecotuner and to register in the “International Register of Ecotuner” (Iroe) – can be completed in Italy, Spain, Greece, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Facilitation and conduction:
Tutoring and logistic informations:
  • Elena Felicita Colombo, Advanced Counselor, Ecotuner, Green Coach
  • Costanza Vismara, Expert in public relations, Ecotuner

Seminar valid for completing IES Training in one of the accredited IES Schools (Italy, Spain, Greece, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile) in English.

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Vegetarian & veg chitchen

Food has always united people, cultures and peoples. Our physical and mental balance is in close relationship with the foods we choose, in the kitchen we will use healthy food that infuse energy, vitality and healthy nourishment to the body, we will eat together respecting every form of life.

Vanesa Tesone will take care of the food. After many years of practice and passion for yoga, she has been trained as a Yoga Teacher and as an educator to the movement in the BMC® for the evolutionary age. In her journey of personal growth she meets the renewing force of Ecopsychology, ands he is an Ecotuner convinced that contact with nature can help us to awaken our human and spiritual potential. She conducts workshops and seminars of Yoga in Nature in order to accompany people to feel good about themselves and with others, reconnecting with the Earth and the surrounding environment.


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11-16 agosto 2018, a Primalpe, Corni di Canzo (Co), seminario intensivo di introduzione all’Ecopsicologia in inglese e italiano. Valido per passare alla formazione intera in EcoTuning in ognuna delle IES SChools riconosciute dalla International Ecopsychology Society.

Cinque giorni e mezzo nel cuore del Bosco, in uno splendido casale di pietra – stile rifugio di montagna – in cui si imparerano le basi teoriche dell’Ecopsicologia e si allenerà anche la pratica della co-creazione nella gestione della casa..

Le attività saranno sia in italiano, sia in inglese e ci sarà, quando possibile, una traduzione; la conoscenza minima dell’inglese è necessaria.


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Ecopsiché – Scuola di Ecopsicologia è la prima realtà italiana interamente dedicata alla divulgazione, insegnamento e applicazione dell’Ecopsicologia. Rappresenta in Italia la IES – International Ecopsychology Society.

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